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Before You Go Live...

Girl, I don't have to tell you social media media leaves clues, BIG clues how a person's thinking, feeling, and/or responding to things going on in their life.  Sooo...

Here are 3 things to consider before you hit that LIVE STREAM button....So you never get caught slippin'.

1. You Are A Brand.  Yes, you.  Everyone has a personal brand and (whether you know it or not) and what you say or do online either enhances your personal brand or diminishes it. So...think twice before you hit the LIVE button.  A good question to ask yourself before you go live is..."Would I want my family, friends, boss, or kids to see my live stream?"  If the answer is no...well girl you already know don't hit that LIVE button. 

2. You Are Gods' Handiwork...created in Christ Jesus to do good things.  (Ephesians 2:10) So, before you hit that LIVE button know God created you to do 'good things' after you accepted Jesus and those good things don't include:

- bashing people online     - talking negatively about people in general  - using curse words or filthy jokes (Ephesians 4:29)

Good things really mean good things.  So, if you're looking to showcase good times from your life, new interests, press the LIVE button.  But if you're looking to bash people online instead, know God will give you PEOPLE to talk to, not SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms to air your dirty laundry.

3. Know Why You Are Going LIVE.  Taking a painting class and want to show your family and friends what you've learned?  Vacationing and want to live stream and show off your fabulous view? Let's fact it Internet trolls are a apart of life.  There's nothing you can do to wish them away, pray them away, or talk them away - they will find their way into your livestream.  So..wanna know one quick way to not let the Internet trolls get to your broadcast.  Know why you are going live.  Internet trolls will be less likely to get you off topic when you know the reason why you're going live.  

So cheers to using social media to showcase ourselves (and God) in the best light  and not tear each other down!

God loves you like crazy and so do I,

XOXO, Candice

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