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Enjoy. Your. Single. Life. NOW.

Here's 5 QUICK Ways To Enjoy Your SINGLE Life RIGHT NOW

  1. Stop comparing your life to someone else’s. Ever been scrolling on your timeline and start thinking “Well she's the same age as me and she’s happily married with kids”… Or “She’s the same age as me and she has her dream career.”  Listen, when you start comparing your life to someone else’s, you stop living yours.  The easiest way to enjoy your single life? Kill comparison. Stop scrolling.  The minute the comparison demon pops up, (yes I called it the comparison demon lol) stop scrolling. Hop off of social media, turn off your phone, close out the app – do whatever you need to do to stop comparing.  Remember, your life is not like anyone else’s life walking the face of planet Earth.  Remind yourself of Ephesians 4:16 and repeat to yourself, “I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good things.”  Practice doing this over and over and watch your happiness in your single season improve. 
  2. Stop putting God on a deadline. Let’s keep it real.  Single women love to put God on a deadline. We women don’t pressure God for anything else (spiritual wisdom, spiritual gifts) but we do pressure God about “when He’s going to send me us our man.”  But the cool thing about God is that God is God and He can’t be pressured or put on our deadline. Why? Because God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) God has promised in His Word to keep Himself with all things concerning you” (Psalms 138:8) which means, yes your love life as well.  When you realize that God has your life in the palm of His hand, you become a little less panicked during the times in your life when you a) don’t have a man or b) are wondering when your man will ever come.  There are things God wants you to experience in your single season that you need to experience on your own. So , grow and embrace your single season. Use this time to grow and blossom into the woman God created you to be. 
  3. Passionately pursue your purpose. Do you know your purpose?  Do you know the reason God placed you here on this Earth? If not, why aren’t you using your single season to discover God’s purpose here on this Earth?  When you know your purpose, you can best discern the man you should marry.  I heard this quote from Erica Campbell (of the Gospel group Mary Mary) and I thought it was so true.  Erica said before she met Warryn Campbell (her husband and producer of Mary Mary) there was another guy who showed interest in her but she opted not to pursue that relationship because she knew deep down in her heart if she married him she couldn’t have fulfilled her calling traveling and singing gospel music.  Anddd…the same is true for you.  The man God has for you will fit (and not fight) God’s purpose for you here on this Earth.  So, why don’t you use this single season to find out EXACTLY what God’s called you to do?  
  4. Travel and make it a point to do things you like to do. Your single season is the only time in your life where you can plan your life COMPLETELY around the things you want to do.  Don’t feel like getting up until 2:00?  Go right ahead.  Feel like heading out to a late movie?  Do you. Rather spend your single season sad because you don’t have a man, make it a point to enjoy your life.  Take a painting class.  Learn how to bake.  Go skydiving. Ride a hot air balloon. Catch the movie you’ve been wanting to see. 
  5. Help others. Can I confess?  I spent the majority of my single life in my early 20’s looking for the my husband when I could have spent more time during my single season helping others.  Really, as Christians, we are called to do what we can to help and serve others.  When we change take our focus off of us and turn it on others, that’s when God begins to change our perspective and we begin to see what really matters. While you may think not having a man is the biggest problem in the world, there are so many bigger problems that God can use to help you solve.  Have extra food?  How about donating to a family in need? Love kids?  Why not help a single mom who needs break by offering to baby-sit her kids.  Good at managing finances?  Why not put together a financial workshop for your sorority or the teens at your church. Single lady, you have so much to give with or without a man. Wishing, hoping, and pining for a man will not make your husband appear any faster.  God’s timing is still God’s timing; Why not use your time to help others? 

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